How To Be Unstoppable in Network Marketing

Before you start!

As you study every word of this article you will be amazed at what you can learn about Public Speaking as a Network Marketer even if you never performed on stage before.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you get invited to speak at every global event your company is planning to organize for the coming year, and get to visit multiple amazing places all over the world? Wouldn’t this help widen your network, teach you a lot more about your company and people within it, get more sales, and most important enjoy your time and have fun for free?

Why is it so crucial?

You probably already know this; but why is mastering the skill of Public Speaking plays a major rule in shaping your future as a Network Marketer? Why is it so crucial to your success?

I can list many benefits here, but the main ones can be:

- Position yourself as a leader in your company
- Become the go to person. The expert who has the answer to every question
- Up your financial game “The guy on stage is the guy who makes the most money in the room”
- Stage time is gold time
- Build a strong team, because once you are on stage; every potential prospect wants to be in your team
- Get recognized and start speaking in your company’s international events and conventions

Are you beginning to see how mastering Public Speaking skill is plainly imperative for your success as a Network Marketer?

“Why do you try all your life to fit in; when you were born to stand out”

An imperative skill

Throughout my experience as a professional Network Marketer & Public Speaker, and prior to that as an engineer and business owner I have seen many business owners, engineers & network marketers who have every skill they need to become millionaires and leaders in their field but they are not doing it.

They are simply one presentation, just one single presentation away from taking their fortune, their career and their entire life to the next level, and yet they are not doing it.

Commonly because they have every skill they need to succeed but they are still lacking the most important one: Speaking in Public in front of coworkers, subordinates, team members or even friends.

Let me ask you a question, do you speak? Yes, I’m sure you do? OK! Congratulations you are halfway there. Now, all we need to do is to get you speaking in public! as simple as that. It’s easy, but still don’t try to do it alone, then it will become as easy as eating soup with a fork.

Speaking in public is an art. Whether the group is small or large many people find the process completely overwhelming. As Jerry Seinfeld’s famous joke goes “If you have to be in a funeral; you would rather be in the casket than doing the eulogy”

Funny, but not true, I totally disagree with Jerry “though I love the guy”. It’s simply not true, Public Speaking is actually much simpler than this.

What do you really need?

Yes, you do need:

1- The right training where you can learn the right Public Speaking world-class skills

2- Help and mentorship for effective and ruthless feedback which will sculpture the professional speaker out of the rookie one you are trapped in at the moment

3- Prepare & rehearse, prepare and rehearse, then prepare and rehearse

4- A strong why. A Why; strong enough to make you stand a deliver regardless of what the “little you” inside your head is rumbling with

5- The spirit to give, give, give and always give, and never ask for something in return.

What you don’t need at all?

No, you don’t need:

1- To remember all what you have to say

2- To imagine all your audiences naked in order to get rid of your fear

3- To pay a fortune to learn this skill which you were born with but got buried inside you somehow

4- To be NLP master coach, body language specialist or a master hypnotist “This one makes me smile”

5- You don’t need Power Point slides every time you deliver a presentation

This is all you really do & don’t need.

Help is available, use it!

I was in the same place where you at right now a little over a year ago and today I became an international speaker. Simply because I listened to my mentor and focused only on what I need while ditching all that I don’t need. Doing this I was able to even become an award-winning speaker, certified Public Speaking coach and mentor, and start mentoring beginner speakers myself.

If I did it, you absolutely can do it, and I will be glad to help. Start improving your public speaking and become the public speaking savvy you’ve always wished to be shorter than you ever imagined. Start now, because:

“The only time is NOW! It’s what you called Future a second ago, and what you will be calling Past a second from now.”

Your Bro- Jalal N. Zaitouni

I provide the only training in the Middle East to help public speakers explore their network marketing potential and tackle the fortune waiting for them in the industry. For both marketing beginners & professionals you will discover how mastering public speaking will elevate your business.

You will start your day as a Public Speaker or a Network Marketer and you will walk out as a NETWORK SPEAKER, ready to use your newly developed skills to take your business to the very next level.

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